BBC Bitesize commissioned us to produce a short, animated video designed to inspire children about writing.  

As our concept we took Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 days - likening the writer to an explorer. As a writer sits at their desk a page of their notebook is caught by the wind, drifting out the window into the shape of a hot air balloon. The balloon then travels from the past to the future - through historical places as well as magical lands. We wanted to demonstrate that with nothing but a pencil you can write about the real world, but also that you have the entire realm of the imaginary at your fingertips. 

Narrated by Maureen Lipman and beautifully designed and animated by Lilian Fu, this video introduces different types of writing to children at Key Stage 1. 

Executive producer: Andy Glynne
Producer: Anita Norfolk
Director of Animation: Lilian Fu
Composer/Sound Design: Alex Parsons
Academic Consultant: Bea Gill
Narration: Maureen Lipman

The commision also included creating a prototype for an interactive learning video and content suite for Key Stage 1 non-fiction writing. This consisted of five linear videos, forming the basis of a three minute animated video - accompanied by a suite of content assets (text, videos and images). The exercises covered the individual aspects of labelling, captioning, writing lists, recounts and reports.