5 questions to determine whether you have chosen the right animation production company

With every passing day, it can sometimes seem as if more and more people are discovering the wonders of animated videos for corporate marketing purposes.

It all begs the question, if you are one of those people: which animation production company should you team up with to ensure the best results? Have you whittled down the possibilities to a shortlist of four or five studios – including Mosaic Motion – but could do with some further guidance to help establish your final choice?

Here are some questions to ask yourself that should be instrumental in narrowing down your remaining options.

Are you a fan of their work?

This has to be a more important question than whether the animation production company you are considering is merely a ‘big name’ studio. Take the time to peruse your potential studio’s online portfolio, and consider whether you like their visual style.

Do the videos created by this studio feel fresh, neat and professional?

Have they worked with clients just like you?

While, in theory, a great animation production company will excel even in the creation of animated videos for clients outside the industries they usually serve, you might feel most comfortable partnering with a studio that has already achieved great results for other companies in your sector.

What are the credentials of their personnel?

Is a given animation studio on your shortlist staffed with individuals who have far-reaching experience not just as animators and motion designers, but also as producers, writers, directors, composers and editors?

Remember that here at Mosaic Motion, for example, our multi award winning studio is just one part of a broader Mosaic Family that also includes the long-established and highly respected documentary production company, Mosaic Films.

Are they the right match for your budget?

Whatever the depth of your pockets when it comes to putting together an animated video, you should clarify with your potential animation production company at the earliest stage, what they can realistically give you within your budget.

This will help to avoid any time being wasted due to it only becoming apparent later that your company’s resources can’t stretch far enough for you to accomplish what you would like to achieve for your video project. 

When can you expect the delivery of the video?

A given studio may appear to be the ideal one for your brand, but if they aren’t able to complete the video within a certain critical timeframe, you may have little option but to look elsewhere.

The animation production company that you are looking at working with should be able to give you an estimated delivery time, as long as you can provide them with the rough details of the video you would like them to produce.

It isn’t necessarily easy to select the right animation studio for your own brand, but there is equally no doubt that contemplating your requirements carefully at this stage can pay dividends later on.

Get in touch with the Mosaic Motion team today to learn more about how we could help to advance your own organisation’s goals through animation.