We can help you to reduce the cost of your animation video commercial quote

The sustained and indeed, expanding power and relevance of animation as a means of communication should not be doubted.

At a time when video is becoming an ever-more prevalent component of most people's experience on the web - with Cisco having predicted that IP video traffic will account for 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021 - many organisations across the sectors are considering animation.

Whether your firm is thinking of requesting an animation video commercial quote due to the fresh and interesting marketing method that it represents, or instead with cost factors squarely in mind, you will obviously wish to achieve the best possible value from your investment.

So, what are the best ways of minimising how much your business pays for an animated video?

Yes, you can reduce your costs... if you're willing to make the choices

The size of any animation video commercial quote that you receive will depend on such factors as the style and complexity of the animation itself, the length of the video, what requirements you have for the soundtrack and the amount of necessary concept and pre-production planning.

With regard to the actual animation, for instance, having lots of characters in your video performing sophisticated actions will require more time and money to produce than simply some animated text. The more moving components there are in an animation and the more we need to design, the more you can expect to have to pay.

The video's running time is another obvious factor in any animated video quote, as a longer video tends to entail more work for a studio like ours. A shorter video could therefore help you to achieve savings, or if you have a definite budget in mind, you could ask us to produce a shorter video with greater detail than you may have originally envisaged, or a longer animation with less detail.

Discuss your needs with us for a great-value - and effective - video

Given the stellar results that animated commercial videos have long had for all manner of organisations, we're extremely confident that you'll be satisfied with the results you gain from your investment when you choose Mosaic Motion.

Nonetheless, with such factors as the design and storyboard process, music and sound effects, scriptwriting and possibly a voiceover all needing to be considered, the best next step to reducing your animation video commercial quote is to get in touch with us directly.

Call our team today on +44 (0)20 3095 9744, and we can outline your cost-saving options, while also assisting you in achieving an impressive outcome and great results from your animated video production.