Motion graphics can be great for repurposing your content

If your brand has any kind of online presence, you probably won’t need us to explain for very long the vital role of content in engaging and educating your target customers and strengthening your SEO. However, it isn’t good enough to just have a few blog posts published – you must also maintain a steady stream of fresh content over time, which can be a tricky thing to achieve.

This is where it helps to think of innovative ways in which your existing content could be repurposed. Well, why not have an old article transformed into a short, snappy and compelling animated video?

An opportunity to generate more content, across more channels

To appreciate just how useful a motion graphics video covering the same ground as a previous piece of content could be to your brand, you only need to think of the characteristics of such videos.

After all, videos are easy to watch, and give you a lot of flexibility for presenting your existing content in new and interesting ways for your audience. For example, they can be as short or as long as you like, although it’s advisable to restrict your own video to a few minutes’ duration at most. This way, you’ll have the best chance of hooking in viewers and keeping them watching until the end.

As we have previously explained on the Mosaic Motion blog, there are also many great reasons to use motion graphics over other types of videos, such as live action. You don’t need to hire any actors or find a real-life site for an animated video, which is also easy to tweak in all kinds of ways.

What’s more, the creation of a motion graphics video isn’t just an opportunity to bolster the amount of content your brand produces – it also allows you to get your content on channels where your business may otherwise be absent, such as YouTube and other social and video-sharing sites.

Ask us about corporate video production

In short, when you’re looking for a short and sweet, but also captivating form of content through which to repurpose your past blog posts and articles alike, you could hardly make a better move than getting in touch with the Mosaic Motion team for a motion graphics quote.

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