Why animation is a better bet for your brand than live action

In a marketing world in which video content abounds, you might have wondered whether your organisation’s next corporate video ought to be based on live action or animation. Is it really worth calling an animation studio when live action video is more ‘realistic’ and might be the more obvious choice for showcasing your products or services as they are in ‘real life’?

There are perfectly acceptable reasons to film live action

We should clarify that we have nothing against live action here at Mosaic Motion; indeed, it may be the right choice for your brand’s next corporate video where it is desirable to show the ‘real world’ and how a product or service of yours works in practice.

However, there are also many circumstances in which a live action video may not make a great amount of sense to your firm.

The challenges inherent in filming a live action video are, after all, substantial. If your video is to include real people, you will need to recruit people who are willing to appear in front of a camera. You must also identify and secure the use of a feasible shooting location with the right aesthetics for your video, and interviews may need to be scheduled with the video’s participants.

Animated videos can bring a wealth of advantages

Among the reasons for the rapid rise of corporate animation over the last few years is the sheer ease with which it can be customised in accordance with a brand’s needs. Animation can be a great means by which to create branded content that is squarely aimed at your target buyer personas, without the hassle of an extended production schedule and multiple shoots.

It’s a relatively straightforward process to tweak or refresh such elements of an animated video as its colour and graphic scheme, without having to reassemble an entire film crew just to reshoot one scene.

There’s also a lot of flexibility with an animated video, which can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. The form that your animated video takes can be shaped in line with your brand’s budget, which enables an impressive result to be achieved even if you don’t have many resources on which to draw.

Plus, animation is simply brilliant for conveying and explaining what may be complex information in a simple way. Incorporate a voiceover into your video, and it can represent the perfect solution for quickly engaging target audiences in a short running time.

Make Mosaic Motion your choice of animation studio

The exact choice that your own brand makes between animation and live action will naturally depend on a wealth of factors, including your business’s culture, identity and image, as well as the intended message, audience and objectives of your video content. 

Irrespective of such factors, however, animation can be a very exciting way of communicating a branded message. Get in touch with our animation studio today, and you can find out for yourself the astounding range of possibilities for such a video when created by Mosaic Motion.