5 unhelpful myths about corporate animation

In organisations up and down the UK, objections are often voiced to the idea of putting together a corporate animated video. You may have thought yourself that your next business video should be a live action, rather than animated one – perhaps because you feel the need to have ‘real people’ in your video to give it the human touch, or maybe to communicate a certain level of emotion.

But in truth, many of the reasons commonly given for not requesting a corporate animation quote from a company like Mosaic Motion are based on misconceptions and inaccuracies. Here are just a few of the myths that often arise, and which we would like to challenge.

Animation isn’t a mature way of communicating

It’s understandable that you may associate animation with cartoons for a much younger audience that the clients or customers that you are looking to attract. However, it’s also perfectly possible to construct an animated video that communicates mature, corporate values while also being captivating to watch – which has always, after all, been one of the major strengths of animation.

It’s not good when you need to show your firm’s product or service

When your business offers some kind of tangible product or service that exists in real life, why would you not choose a live action video that enables you to showcase it in the most true-to-life way? This is a reasonable judgement to make. However, an animated video can still be great for hooking in your targets and moving them along the funnel. They may then be tempted into visiting your site and given the thrill of seeing your product or service in a more ‘realistic’ context.

Animated videos are too common to be distinctive

Yes, animated business videos are very much ‘in vogue’ at the moment. However, there are also many different animation methods and aesthetics that you can aim for with any corporate animated video. This means it isn’t necessarily very difficult for a studio like Mosaic Motion to craft a video that will make your brand stand out from the competition in all of the finest ways.

You can’t create emotional connections with animation

If it wasn’t for the existence of a little film called Bambi, this would be a slightly more explicable suggestion! In any case, viewers do not necessarily need to see a literal human face to feel an emotional connection to characters on a screen, which are, after all, simply combinations of colours, shapes and sounds, even in the case of a live action video. Our skilled and seasoned animators are masters at communicating all of the subtleties of emotion in the videos that they create.

Animation isn’t the right choice for your demographic

Being absolutely clear about the audience that you wish to target is excellent, but allowing that knowledge to overly constrain you with regard to the means of communication that you use is not so helpful. Don’t presume that those of a particular profession or background could only appreciate a live action rather than animated video – after all, we are all human beings, not to be defined by our professions or backgrounds alone.

Our corrections of the above misconceptions are not meant to persuade you that only animation should be considered for your next corporate video, but instead to convince you to be open-minded as to which type or format of video you invest in.

If you do, however, decide that our animation expertise offers the best solution for your own firm’s next video, you are welcome to get in touch with us for a corporate animation quote.