Innovative global drinks brand Diageo requested a series of animations to accompany their Stay Yourself campaign. Directed at students across Europe, the campaign aims to reach half a million people in 2016-17, with a reminder to enjoy a drink without overdoing things. Formed in collaboration with Creative Orchestra, these colourful and irreverent three shorts exemplify this message of consuming within your limits and control. Touching on life lessons old as time; from perils of circumnavigating earth in an all-too eager run, the necessity of learning where your mum goes clubbing and the worrying side-effects of a relaxing massage, we have ensured the company’s playful disposition balances with the overall message of the films: Don’t let alcohol change you.

Click here to see the full campaign from Creative Orchestra. 

Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Producer: Anita Norfolk
Animation Directors: Salvador Maldonado and Nandita Jain