MoMo is an animation production company with a proud history of making award-winning animated films in the UK and throughout the world. The studio has won 3 BAFTAs, a British Animation Award,  an RTS (Royal Television Society) Awards and numerous others.  We are part of the Mosaic Family of production companies, including the documentary production company, Mosaic Films. 




Andy is a double-BAFTA Award winning filmmaker, a producer and an author. Originally trained as a clinical psychologist, he went on to create the national documentary organisation, DFG - The Documentary Filmmakers Group - and is now the Chairman of the European Documentary Network. He has produced and directed over 200 films, including both documentary and animation for TV, cinemas and digital platforms. He is also renowned for being one of the proponents of contemporary animated documentaries for which he has won numerous awards including 2 BAFTAs, a British Animation Award, an RTS Award, Mental Health Media Award, BANFF prize, BASEL prize and many others.


A Norwegian native, Anita has extensive experience working in animation and motion design and has been instrumental in not only producing award-winning content but also taking a lead on audience engagement strategies for short form animated content. Prior to joining MoMo, Anita worked in animation for Rockstar Games on best-selling titles Grand Theft Auto IV, L.A Noire and Red Dead Redemption, and directed and produced both fiction and documentary content - including a clip for Tom Tykwer and the Wachowskis’ feature film Cloud Atlas.
Since joining Mosaic, Anita has been working as a Producer on our digital content and has developed a substantial amount of the animation output.


Salvador has over fifteen years experience in the area of animation and motion design. Graduating from the UK’s National Film and Television School (NFTS), Salvador starting working in stop-motion and 2D animation, working in a range of studios before becoming one of the founding Creative Directors of MoMo. During this time he has won 2 BAFTAs, been short-listed for a best animated short film for Academy awards Oscars and has directed and produced over 500 short animated films, stings, idents and animated documentaries, as well as working on two feature length animated films.