It’s a Naked Revolution! (Saving Britain’s Bacon)

MOMO Studios were approached by Finnebrogue Artisan to see if we could come up with a creative campaign strategy to give more impact to the launch of Naked Bacon - a new way of producing bacon using nothing but natural ingredients - free from nitrites, preservatives, E numbers and other nasties.

(After initial over-excitement and gratuitous demands for free bacon had subsided) we came up with the idea of making a short, animated film which could be used in multiple settings on multiple platforms. It needed to be quirky enough for youtube and social, informative enough for tabloids and broadsheets - all whilst adhering to Finnebrogue values and brand identity. We achieved this by mixing cut-outs with original designs to create a 90 second 2D animation. Less than a week after launch Naked Bacon has been featured across both print, broadcast and digital, including extensive coverage on Sky News, ITV’s Good Morning Britain, TalkRadio, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian to name but a few.

Animation Director: Shay Hamias
Producer: Anita Norfolk
Executive Producer: Andy Glynne
Composer and Sound Designer: Mark Hodgkin
Actress: Heather Elrick-Tobin
Voice-over: Beth Vyse
Animator: JJ (Je Eun) Shim
Cut-out Artist: Maider Jimenez
Researcher: Marie-Clare Thomas
Script: Dan England
Contributor: Sarah Savage