Mccann for Pure Cremation

We developed a 30 second TV advert made for Pure Cremation with McCann Birmingham. The film is a promotion for Pure Creation's funeral services. It is a 2D character driven ad, focusing on a Grandpa's humble and intimate celebrations of his life at his funeral. We see the event through his eyes, as he watches his family and friends chatter and reminisce. The characters are smiling and laughing as they talk, and the colour palette is warm in tone, reinforcing the positive message at the heart of the ad. 

The TV advert was developed by the Mosaic creative team, alongside McCann. McCann approached us with an initial script, which our team then transformed into a storyboard. Below you can see this development process, from initial storyboarding to designs to the final film.

Exec Producer: Andy Glynne
Producer: Anita Norfolk
Director of Animation: Salvador Maldonado
Animation: Henry Chung
Character Design: Sam Moore
McCann Birmingham Team: Kevin Patel, Tracy Wheeler, Lydia Hickin and James Greed

A selection of shots from the animatics which show the initial storyboarding.

Initial character sketches.

Character designs in full colour, with texture and lighting.

A selection of stills from the final film, showing characters in full colour with backgrounds.

Oh, and of course this lovely pooch!

Oh, and of course this lovely pooch!

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