MoMo were commissioned by Arthur London to create the animation for Action for Children’s christmas campaign. Below we have also broken down the creative process, but if you haven’t got time for that, you can watch the final video here:


We were given a brief which laid out the structure of the story, the aim of the film and the initial colour palate. From there, we started developing a storyboard, character ideas and backgrounds. We started with characters looking a little like this:

From there, with input from Arthur, we changed features of the characters. We worked to create a someone who was exaggerated and vulnerable, but still embedded in reality. At it’s heart, we needed viewers to remember, that there are real children affected and real children in need. To bring this out, we designed their eyes to be almost photographic in quality…

Soon our characters looked like this:


Simultaneously, (but once our storyboards were complete), we could also start on background design. As with the characters, our backgrounds needed to resonate with the audience in their realism and have likeness with typical housing in the UK:

However, we also needed to have a splash of christmas magic to bring it to life - which came out when we started adding colour...


From storyboarding, design to the live shoot! We had the pleasure of working with the amazing Tia Pinnington - what a star!


We also created and delivered a variety of additional assets, from stills and mp4s which could be used in print and in OOH media, as well as a suite of online assets, from raw materials, gifs to re-edits, re sizing, and website designs:

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 16.59.29.png

And you can watch the fruits of all (the finished film) this at the top of this page, or over here.

Narration: Tia Pinnington
Exec Producer: Andy Glynne
Producer: Auriol Wyles
Assistant Producer: Rory Calder
Casting Researcher: Olivia Lands

Director of Animation: Salvador Maldonado
Animation: Scott Lockhart, Andrew Morgan
Character Design: Emanuel Bagilla
Background Design: Dilara Karakas
Storyboard: Bartek Zarzycki

DOP: David McNulty
Sound: Steve Hopkins
SFX: Marco Martini
Editor: Adam Ryzman
Music: Audio Network